About « yayoi »

The first letter of the brand, "y", is the image of the kimono, the traditional Japanese garment. This letter is meant to represent the look and feel of the Japanese woman of the new era, who is both elegant and sophisticated, yet stands with dignity and determination.

As for the word "yayoi", it evokes the yayoi culture, a period in which some foreign cultures were introduced in Japan, offering then a new cultural richness. This period is thus marked by active international exchanges which changed the country.

Symbolizing the Japanese imperial family for centuries, purple was chosen as the color to represent the yayoi brand.

The brand would express its will to continue to offer high quality Japanese products while mixing with other cultures.

Through its products now available on the market, yayoi is thus linking Japan and France, creating a breathtaking marriage of scents. Discover them without further delay!